Monday, January 19, 2009

Obama inauguration: Prepare for a grand vision

Big day tomorrow. Everywhere you look you get hit by headlines about the inauguration. Even the polar bears here in Sweden talk about it during coffee breaks (we use them as rickshaw drivers now when the oil prices are a bit steep).

Garr Reynolds (Presentation Zen) writes about Scott McCloud in his latest post. Scott, the only "cartoon guru" I have heard of, reasons about three types of vision in a presentation made on TED:
  1. Vision based on what one can not see (unseen and unknowable)
  2. Vision based on what has been proven (or has been seen)
  3. Vision based on what can be, what may be based on knowledge (but is not yet proven)

That immedieately got me thinking about Obama's speach tomorow. What will Obama's vision look like? I don't think the content will surprise us very much as the road is pretty much set already from the campaign. Words that come to mind are:

  • change
  • equality
  • freedom
  • hope
  • collaboration
  • future (education, environment)
  • transparency etc.

But how daring will Obama be? My hope is that he will be JFK bold and go for a vision based on what one can not see (no 1 above).

That's what we all need now in the financial turmoil that hangs over the US, and therefore over the whole world today. We need Obama to inspire people not only to hope, but to change their worldview in order to bring about a real change. Most of all Obama needs to inspire the business leaders of the world to live according to the words above.

If Obama can set the vision to inspire, let Scott McCloud show us all how to reach that vision;

  • Learn from everyone
  • Follow no one
  • Watch for patterns
  • Work like hell
You can bet Obama will do his part. The question is, will you?

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