Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A better world

There are more than a few things one could do to change the world. I will mainly focus on organization and leadership as I find that our organizations have not developed as fast as the rest of our society. The industrial paradigm still reigns and holds back the potential of our organizations. It stifles our creativity and obstructs natural dialogue which make learning organizations an illusion. This paradigm also sets the rules of the organizational game as one of masters & servants and makes our organizations plagued with power games, inequalities, unethical behavior and sad stories.

The industrial paradigm started in the mass production era. Organizations were thus built for control and efficiency. It made sense at the time.

300 years later. Same paradigm, different world. It’s about time we do something about this. I like to think that I have some knowledge about business models and strategy as I have been working in this area for many years and have an own company specializing in business model optimization. From this perspective it is absolutely critical to change leadership and organizations to fit the present demands.

I would not keep my stocks in a company that in 5-10 years has not completely changed from the dominant hierarchies of the industrial paradigm. I offer a different approach to organizing and leading companies and other organizations. I call it "The Natural Organization". Yes, it is a much more democratic and humane way, but at the core it's just common business sense. A company with an outdated business model and an organization from another era is just not gonna make it in our hypercompetitive world. Look at the auto industry. The banks. Old school. Industrial paradigm. I'm not so sure the crisis are about a recession. We might be witnessing a structural change. A transformation that is badly needed. Bailouts or not. A change will come. I can feel it in the wind.

This blog is new. My story is just starting. Please follow me and join the dialogue. Collaboration and dialogue are the way of the future, and to the future.

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